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dq|dx property investors can rely on first rate support from the entire dqdx team. We guide you through the entire buying procedure and provide whatever support and advice you need in order to complete your acquisition. However it doesnÂ’t just stop there. Managing an investment in a foreign country can be made much easier and less time consuming if you have someone in that country who you can trust and who understands your needs.

For this reason, dq|dx can offer property investors a comprehensive post-completion support service. We provide full lettings management for investors to ensure their income yield is maximised, and are happy to advise on all the legal and financial aspects of owning a property in Istanbul. Eventually there may even come a time when you want to sell your property and we will be happy to advise you on optimum exit strategies.

With this kind of support investors can be assured their investment is being well looked after. Our reputation depends on it.