Who We Are


     Why Choose dqdx


DQDX is a research, investment and management consulting firm advising both the public and private sector in investment with a focus on Turkish market. With backgrounds in business administration, economics, finance, property and engineering, our cross-functional team brings breadth and depth to provide credible support for optimal decision-making.

Our advice is based on a strong in-house analytical research base to highlight trends and opportunities in an otherwise opaque market. We have worked on several projects including internationally renowned architects, Zaha Hadid, to advise the Istanbul city government on the economic feasibility of its urban masterplan in public sectors or several business and project development projects in private sector including in real estate, renewable energy, establishing new start up businesses, and provided analytical research which is used by leading institutions including SWFs and PE funds.

Our expertise lies in serving corporate clients, but private clients get the same level of service quality. Starting with extensive research and business analysis and financial modelling, our team supports clients through to completion including investment and project/business management. Post completion our management team are also keen to ensure you maximise your income streams.