Consulting Case Study



Project Summary

Market research and review of investment opportunities
in entertainment-based real estate in Istanbul

Sony Corp

dq|dx were asked by Sony to look at options for entering the Turkish market, in particular with a view to invest in entertainment-based retail spaces in Istanbul.

“Turkey is not currently a major market for Sony’s entertainment product but with a established presence elsewhere in the Middle East and Europe, they wanted to assess the possibilities of entering a market with high potential,” says Adil Khan, the Engagement Manager. “The work involved carrying out market forecasts (based on dynamic modelling) for the Turkish entertainment and leisure sectors in the context of a comprehensive market review of current provision. This in turn helped us identify how Sony could tap into burgeoning consumer demand by targeting under-supplied sectors, including, possible investment in entertainment and/or theme parks.”

Despite the fact that entertainment and demand is set to grow rapidly in the next 5 years as consumer purchasing power increases and Istanbul hosts the European Capital of Culture in 2010, Turkey remains acutely under-supplied in organised venues for cultural activities, representing a major investment opportunity in value-added retail.